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So often people come to me not just with aches and pains, but with complaints of low energy and lack of motivation to get out and move. They are missing the joy of being active outdoors. After all, we live in an environment that calls to us to come out and play, whether it's tennis, biking, hiking or walking.

For some, they'd love an extra boost of motivation to participate in indoor activities such as working out, dancing, or yoga. But like many good decisions along the road to our best health, sometimes it's difficult to get started. As a chiropractor, I believe in treating the whole person in order to achieve optimal health. And getting fit is an important step on that path. Thinking about this pressed my “research” button, so I went to work on the problem. Collaborating with a leading nutritionist, we developed a nutriceutical product designed to enhance energy and performance using only natural ingredients.

Introducing Clean Sport® SUPPORT I'm excited to share the result of our research: the supplement Clean Sport® SUPPORT. And I'd like to take this opportunity to answer some key questions about how the formulation, in conjunction with chiropractic care, can get you moving and help you to up your game.

Q. What does Clean Sport mean? A. Back in 2008, when the doping scandals were first making news, I was inspired to create Clean Sport® to celebrate the natural options athletes have, via nutrition, to thrive, challenge and exceed their best performances. Clean Sport® SUPPORT is a perfect example of clean nutrition supporting athletic efforts.

Q. Who is the product for? A. I developed the brand to promote and assist individuals in their quest to reach optimal

Clean Sport Support Supplement

performance naturally, at every fitness level from beginner to expert. Specifically, I wanted a way for athletes to achieve success through natural supplements instead of performance-enhancing drugs.

Q. What’s in it…how does it work? A. The Clean Sport® formula contains a natural herb called Rhodiola Rosea. Clinical studies have suggested that the herb may help by enhancing physical performance and alleviating mental stress. The formula includes the amino acid Acetyl L-Carnitine, and vitamins D3 and K2. These all-natural ingredients work synergistically to boost focus, endurance, speed and fitness efforts. Their adaptogenic properties assist in reducing fatigue, increasing muscle and improving stamina.

Here’s what one client experienced: When Nick came to see me for a shoulder problem he mentioned that he was constantly looking for ways to achieve peak performance. A self-described endurance athlete, he counts running, paddleboarding, mountain biking, swimming and yoga among his favorite activities. I recommended that he try Clean Sport® SUPPORT to get that boost he was looking for.

Nick reports: “After 3 to 4 weeks on Clean Sport® SUPPORT I noticed an increase in my endurance ability and a shorter recovery time. I also felt an improvement in mental focus…Clean Sport® SUPPORT makes me more effective without extra effort." Nick Freeman, San Francisco

Chiropractic care can play an important role in helping you feel your best. However, sometimes you, can use a little extra nutritional boost for the energy and motivation to get up, get out and get fit! Is today the day you take that first step toward reaching your fitness goals?

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