5 Simple Ways to a Healthy Start in 2018

With the holidays behind us and cold and flu season here, staying healthy is on everyone’s mind. Here are some simple things you can do to increase your chances of staying well this winter.

Young woman exercising & drinking water
  1. Walk for wellness - No special equipment or expensive classes needed. To make your walk more enjoyable, go with a friend and use the time for socializing as well as exercising. Just 30 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week is enough to sustain cardiovascular health. As a side effect—you can get close to nature and clear your mind.

  2. Protect your back with The Spine Nine - The Texas Back Institute is renowned for helping people prevent pain and avoid back surgery. They’ve selected nine exercises that are easy to do at home and featured them in this video. I suggest that my patients do these feel-good exercises before or after a walk.

  3. Reduce sweets and carbs - If you resolved to eat healthier this year, here’s an easy way to start. Cut back on (or cut out) sugar. Simple changes like not adding sugar to coffee or tea, and eliminating soda pay big benefits. Also, opt for whole foods instead of processed foods from the supermarket.

  4. Get your fill of H2O - The adult body is 60 to 70% water and it’s important to replenish your supply to feel your best, physically and mentally. Make it a habit to have a bottle of water on your desk, in your car or anytime you are active. For a refreshing flavor boost, add a slice of lemon, a squeeze of lime, some fresh mint or a cucumber slice.

  5. Get regular chiropractic adjustments - Studies have shown that people who get chiropractic adjustments have a stronger immune system. So it makes good sense to get adjusted regularly to keep your immunity humming. Which leads us to the next easy step: Get on my calendar for a once-a-month adjustment. Here’s to a year of good health!

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