Stress Relief – How to Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

December 2020 is unlike any other. But it’s still filled with too much to do: shopping, wrapping, cooking. And Zooming! Let me make a case for minimizing pressure and heightened expectations, and giving yourself the chance to enjoy the holiday season.

7 ways to slow down your brain and body

1. Deep breathing – even a few minutes of deep breathing slows your heartbeat, decreases blood pressure and triggers your relaxation response. Try it in line at the store, at your desk or in your car.

2. Yoga - great for relieving tension in your body and calming your mind. Here’s an easy yoga practice you can do at home.

3. Walk - get outside and walk for 20 to 30 minutes, every day if you can. This helps you connect with nature and loosens up the body. 4. Mindful consumption – we tend to eat more sugar and drink more alcohol during the holidays. Overdoing causes stress to the body and lowers immunity, so pay attention and aim for moderation.

5. Opt out of family stresses – give yourself permission to let family conflicts roll off your back. Being conscious of emotional triggers will help you avoid overreacting.

6. Music - if you’ve had enough holiday music or tv news, try the soothing radio program I listen to—Hearts of Space. The weekly show, which they call slow music for fast times, has been on KPFA since the ‘70s. You can subscribe to their app and listen any time. Download at iTunes or the Android app store.

7. A chiropractic adjustment - you could have foreseen this one. With December’s reduced daylight and heavier schedules, your immunity is under strain. And then there's your tense neck, shoulders and back. Make time for a boost of calmness, stress-reduction and immune strengthening. Come on in and get a tune-up.

PS: A reminder about your outdoor activities. Now that it’s colder, you need to stretch and warm up your muscles more than ever. Plan an extra 10 to 20 minutes to warm up before you get started.

Give the Gift of Wellness Why not treat a friend or family member to a relaxing, stress-relieving chiropractic session. Contact me for details.

Coming in 2021—Tele-Medicine with Dr. Dan! If you’ve been missing your chiropractic appointments, here’s good news. Starting in mid-January we’ll be offering virtual chiropractic care. Stay tuned for details, coming soon!

In the meantime, have a very happy, healthy holiday season!

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