Faster Recovery and Sustained Wellness

After more than 25 years as a practicing chiropractor, I’m still excited about this natural method of health care. Patients who visit my San Rafael office tell me about the benefits they experience: improved posture, reduced chronic pain, better mobility and balance, as well as an enhanced sense of overall well being. Even though patients report positive results, I encourage them to avoid a quick-fix mentality. Issues with muscles, ligaments, spine and patterns of postural imbalance develop over time. And it takes time to restore them to normal. My patients experience three phases of care, starting with an initial health assessment and progressing to a wellness maintenance program. Phase 1 - Intensive Care Pain is almost always the reason someone seeks my care, so my first priority is to address that. In the initial appointment I conduct a full exam and health history as well as the first treatment. I use the European method of diagnosis by touch and don’t often need x-rays. I send patients out for x-rays only if there’s a slowdown in their recovery and I need more information to find out why. To get the pain under control, plan on seeing me two or three times a week at first. Each of my sessions, unlike many chiropractors, begins with a blend of trigger point massage and rapid release therapy to stimulate circulation and prepare your body for a chiropractic adjustment. This relaxes muscles, breaks down scar tissue and helps you get faster results from chiropractic. Phase 1 is usually completed in 12 sessions. Phase 2 - Rehabilitation and Stabilization Care Even after your symptoms are resolved, muscle, tendon and ligament damage often remains. These underlying issues make you vulnerable to a relapse if you discontinue your care too soon. I will provide the materials and teach you Thera-Band exercises to support your recovery as we’re reducing the frequency of visits. Phase 2 is typically eight weekly sessions. Phase 3 - Proactive Wellness Care Good health doesn’t happen automatically. After we take care of the acute problems, I encourage you to come in for a chiropractic adjustment every month or two to help maintain the optimal health and vitality you worked to achieve.

Health specials New patient 2-appt. package - $99 (normally $125 intake + $85 follow-up) 3-Phase Package – 10% prepayment discount Per Phase Package – 5% prepayment discount Learn more Treating back pain naturally Managing stress this summer About Dr. Dan

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