The Secrets of Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an epidemic, leading to more disability than cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes put together. And when you’re dealing with ongoing pain you can develop stress, anxiety and depression. Pain that lasts longer than three weeks is considered chronic and depletes your body’s natural pain reliever, endorphins.

Causes and results of chronic pain Arthritis or injury are obvious sources of persistent pain, and I see many patients for those reasons. Besides limiting mobility, lasting pain can also trigger other serious physical problems, from fatigue and high blood pressure to digestive issues.

A less apparent pain generator is stress, which shows up in the body as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and neck and back pain.

Interrupt the pain cycle To help reduce joint pain, I recommend my amino acid supplement, Total Amino Solution, a natural extension of chiropractic. Amino acids are a good alternative for those relying too heavily on Advil or Aleve, since overuse of these pain relievers can present risks.

My typical session, which includes chiropractic, rapid release therapy, trigger point and massage, are good first steps to help relieve stress on inflamed muscles, joints and nerves. I draw on all these modalities to reduce patients’ discomfort. The key is to bring the pain low enough to allow for gentle exercise and stretching.

No-cost pain relief workshop in June (see flyer at bottom of page) Join me from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on June 14 to learn The Five Secrets to Managing Chronic Pain. I’ll share easy ways to use exercise and posture improvement to strengthen muscles and decrease pain. You’ll find out techniques for relaxing and gaining greater clarity, as well as how to manage or even eliminate chronic pain.

No fee to attend, but please RSVP by June 10 to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

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