Why a San Rafael Chiropractor Became an Amino Acid Believer

Amino acids have an innate intelligence, going to work wherever the body needs them most. That’s why I’ve seen them help my chiropractic patients in such a wide variety of cases. For instance, I’m treating a 32-year-old woman who came to me with a disabling anxiety

disorder. When we first spoke, her symptoms were so acute she couldn’t leave the house. In fact, she canceled our first two appointments because she just couldn’t work up the energy and courage to get in the car. Through massage and realigning her spine with chiropractic adjustments, I was able to relieve what she estimated as about 25% of her distress. But that wasn’t good enough—so I went to my tried and true next step, an amino acid supplement. In short order, her anxiety was knocked down another 25%. As we continue her treatment, I’m happy to say the young woman’s life has improved dramatically. She can’t wait to come in for chiropractic, and by combining it with amino therapy, she’s now able to get out, socialize and live a more normal life. Aminos elevate your ability to heal

Amino acids are super metabolizers that create and repair cells, supporting the nervous system in communicating with the whole body. Working hand-in-hand with chiropractic adjustments, aminos give my patients an elevated ability to heal themselves. I first discovered the many healing benefits of amino acids back in the ‘90s, and it transformed my chiropractic practice. I read many books and papers on the subject, then delved deeper and sought out experts on the topic. I became so convinced of the health value of aminos, I began taking them myself and recommending them to patients. The combination of what I learned, what I experienced and what I witnessed in my patients was thrilling. The number one response has been that my patients feel more centered. People with anxiety and hyperactivity become calmer. And those struggling with depression and lethargy develop more positive moods and higher levels of energy. I wrote a book to share the good news I amassed so much information and enthusiasm for aminos that I had to share it. In 2014 I brought together 25 years of research and first-hand experience with patients to write Recharge Your Body and Mind with Amazing Amino Acids. I learned that even though we do take in amino acids in our food, not all of us get enough or are able to digest the proteins well. Even those who are otherwise healthy can be deficient in amino acids, including vegetarians, vegans, children, seniors and people with eating disorders. And many other health conditions respond well to amino supplementation as well. So I worked with leaders in the field of amino acid research and supplement formulation to develop an amino acid product. Certainly, there were plenty of single source aminos, but I wanted to provide something that was missing from the market and greatly needed—a capsule that contains a broad spectrum of free-form aminos. Here are a couple more patient stories that illustrate why I continue to be excited about the power of aminos. Conquering arthritis pain A 48-year-old single mom came to me because she was worn down by constant arthritis pain. Ten years earlier she had fallen and jammed her right shoulder, and the injury had triggered the arthritis. Her job required that she use a computer all day, and she couldn’t afford to be physically compromised. We started with chiropractic adjustments, and while that gave her some relief, the pain was still lurking under the surface. I had her start on my broad spectrum, free-form amino acid supplement to help reduce inflammation and build muscle strength. In one week, her pain was gone! Now, as long as she takes the aminos, she remains pain free. Recovering from exhaustion A 52-year-old woman consulted me about her problems struggling to get a good night’s sleep. She was overwhelmed with facing the challenges of her personal and professional life while completely exhausted. In desperation, she tried many supplements to make her drowsy and relaxed at bedtime —including GABA, taurine and melatonin—with no results. When she went on the broad spectrum aminos I recommended, within 10 days she was having full-night, rejuvenating sleep. She still occasionally wakes up in the night, so she keeps the capsules at hand on her bedside table. She’ll take a couple of them and go right back to sleep. Ready to help Is there a health concern that's impacting your energy and quality of life? I feel for you and would like to help. Let's see whether an amino acid supplement is right for you. Contact me with your questions.

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