Nutrition, Chiropractic & the Big 7

Nutrition is the area of health that modern medicine loves to ignore.

But it’s such a critical part of healing, and then staying well. I rely on nutrition as a natural tool

Amino acids for health-San Rafael chiropractor/author

for addressing the Big 7 health and wellness issues I see in my San Rafael chiropractic practice. Are you grappling with the Big 7? One or any combination of the Big 7 can severely hamper your daily activities, as well as affect your mood and outlook. The good news is that by adding a nutritional boost to your mix of therapies, I can help you get relief from a variety of issues, including:

  1. low energy

  2. depression

  3. anxiety

  4. sleep problems

  5. muscle loss and declining strength from aging

  6. inflammation, such as arthritis

  7. pain from injury, surgery or a chronic condition

Support via virtual chiropractic adjustments

I used to jokingly tell my friends and colleagues that someday someone would discover a way to give chiropractic adjustments from a distance.

I never dreamed it would be me.

Of course, that’s not exactly what I’m doing. There’s no replacement for the hands-on healing of an adjustment in my office. But I do recommend a daily virtual tune-up for my patients.

How do I do it? Enhanced nutrition--for ongoing pain relief plus brain and nervous system balancing. It all began in 2003, when I read The Amino Revolution, by Robert Erdmann, Ph.D. He describes amino acids and their critical role in optimal health. They’re simply the building blocks for every neurotransmitter in the brain and central nervous system.

I was deeply intrigued, and began a years-long research and writing journey that culminated in a big shift in my practice. I actually ended up writing a book (published in 2014) about the power of aminos and formulated a broad spectrum amino acid supplement to bring that power to my patients. Stay tuned…next month, I’ll share stories of patients who have experienced the amazing healing properties of amino acids used in conjunction with chiropractic. If you have questions give me a call at (925) 389-7052 or drop me an email. More about amino acids Take the quiz and assess your need for amino acids

Learn about my book: Recharge Your Body and Mind with Amazing Amino Acids

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