My unique, effective combination of techniques


Rapid Release Therapy – 
a pain-relieving technology


If you're suffering from stubborn, chronic pain - from injury, arthritis or repetitive motion - Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) may be the answer.


I use this revolutionary therapeutic tool for the relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. 


RRT was designed to target scar tissue adhesions with a specific vibrational frequency. This frequency relaxes muscle guarding, releases trigger points, and calms spasms.


This distinctive device focuses precisely on pain points, makes my chiropractic adjustments more effective and helps you conquer pain. Permanently.


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Are you actively involved in sports? I'm one chiropractor in San Rafael who can keep you running, jumping and moving.


Why? Because in addition to chiropractic adjustments, I specialize in working with trigger points. These areas of stored tension feel like tight, tender knots in your muscles.  They are created by stress put on the muscle from poor posture, spinal restrictions, repetitive motion and intense sports.


These trigger points can be responsible everything from foot pain to headaches.


I release trigger points through massage that involves applying pressure directly into them to release the stored lactic acid and painful chemicals that perpetuate the pain.


This often feels like deep massage and can be very relaxing. By using trigger point therapy in conjunction with other healing methods, the combined effects are more powerful.

Why My Work Is Different

I treat each patient as a unique case, with individualized care. This corrective care is different from "Band-Aid" care.


Chiropractic will help you get out of immediate discomfort usually in a few short visits, and for some this is the goal. However, changing long-term patterns in your body takes time.

What I do that others don’t:

  • I focus on chronic pain. This is pain that lasts more than three weeks and/or hasn’t responded to other treatment modalities.

  • Each treatment is customized for your specific needs, whatever is happening on the day of your appointment.

  • The treatment begins with therapeutic bodywork at the location of your pain or tension.
    This releases any trigger points and gives focused attention to specific areas of pain.

  • Then, in an atmosphere of relaxation and healing, I make necessary adjustments using diverse techniques and a gentle form of traditional spinal alignment.

  • I don't hurry. I provide an opportunity for you to breathe, relax and unwind.

    After your treatment, please be good to yourself for the rest of the day: Take a walk, eat a healthy meal, and take a break from stress.

    We recommend regular chiropractic care. You will feel younger, healthier, more energized and pain free!

Total Amino Solution® – A New Way to Have a Healthy Body.


About 12 years ago, I was exploring ideas that would increase the benefits of chiropractic. Nutrition has always been part of my practice, but I felt drawn to research the benefits of amino acids. These are the essential building blocks of protein, the basis of life itself.  Full spectrum aminos are the raw materials for the growth and reproduction of every cell in the body and are present throughout the body.


Illness – and chronic pain – can cause a chain reaction of deficiencies where one symptom can be addressed with an individual amino acid. However, the stress of the illness itself on the overall system may respond to a complete blend of amino acids. The body can be encouraged to repair itself and to achieve optimal health. At the very least, a complete blend of amino acids can give your body a metabolic tune up.


That thinking took me down an exciting path. Ultimately I hired Julia Ross, an MA, author, international speaker, and expert on amino acids.  Along with her critical input, my manufacturer’s biochemist tweaked my formula. These minor changes in the composition insured that all the amino acids would work in harmony with each other. We also added co-factors (vitamins and minerals) that are known to work with amino acids in the nervous system for neurotransmitter synthesis. The result is a unique and highly effective formula that heals many of the health issues of our modern age:


  • Gastric distress

  • Mood disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep disruption

  • Emotional eating

  • Carbohydrate craving

  • Substance abuse & chemical dependency

  • Chronic emotional & physical pain

  • Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


You can order my book, Recharge Your Body and Your Mind with Amazing Amino Acids. That will give you the whole story.


Or go directly to our website and order your first bottle.