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When Life Is A Pain? 

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for Chronic Pain

I'm Dr. Daniel S. Smith, D.C., and I've been using chiropractic to help people combat chronic pain and stay healthy since 1983. I began practicing in San Rafael in 2014 and enjoy providing holistic healing services for my Marin patients.

Taking care of yourself should not only be good for you, it should feel good too. That's why I include therapeutic bodywork and massage with every chiropractic adjustment ... it just makes sense. That's part of my philosophy

Find Chiropractic Care That Truly Works

And the sooner the better. I see a lot of people with chronic pain. This is mild to severe pain that goes on for more than three weeks. If you have that kind of pain, you might notice that you feel tired, anxious or depressed, too. I’ve treated people who’ve been living with pain for years, even decades. There’s no reason to have pain like that. I’m convinced that you can manage chronic pain and even eliminate it, changing your outlook, your brain health, and your life.

Here’s how my work can be a natural pain killer. 

You’re involved in your treatment. We work together. I listen very carefully during the initial assessment, so talk to me. The more I learn from you about the way you feel, and the progress you’re making, the better. 

The adjustments are sustainable. A thorough evaluation tells me what’s going on. Then I begin to apply skills I’ve developed over a lifetime. Simple but powerful adjustments are at the heart of my work.

A blend of healing approaches. I weave in trigger point therapy, rapid release technoIogy, massage, and a personalized strength training program. These modalities give your muscles and ligaments a chance to relax and let go of holding patterns that are keeping you in pain. This holistic approach helps reduce pain and heal the nervous system, so you might notice your mood improving immediately.

I first discovered chiropractic when I was in pain myself, as a young athlete. I was in a car accident and had a whiplash injury that was setting me up for a lifetime of pain. Fortunately, my dad sent me to a neighborhood chiropractor who knew what he was doing. More +   

Chronic pain may be a feature of modern life.

Where Does Chronic Pain Come From? 

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That's almost double the number of people who have diabetes, cancer, and coronary heart disease, combined. This kind of pain can feel like burning, nervy pain, soreness, tightness and pain when you move. Just think about the way you engage with electronics, hunching over your computer for hours at a time. 

Here are some of the causes:

  • repetitive motion

  • long days on the computer

  • staying glued to your mobile phone

  • arthritis

  • illness

  • falls

  • accidents

  • sports injuries

  • normal aging

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame." – Thomas Edison

Call today to straighten out your chronic pain. 
Stories of Healing

"Hold off on surgery"

“I was being treated for carpal tunnel symptoms in both my wrists when my doctor said surgery was my best option. Sharing this information with Dr. Dan, he encouraged me not to have the surgery until he had a chance to work on my wrists. In a short period of time, I no longer needed wrist braces and after a month, the pain and finger numbness disappeared! Two years later, I am still pain and numbness free.” 


Steve Listug

San Rafael, CA

"My neck feels 100% better"

“I have had neck pain and tension for 10 years after being in a car accident. Sometimes the pain was so severe it would keep me from sleeping at night. I had treatment after the accident but my neck has never been the same.


I was referred to Dr. Dan Smith, a Marin chiropractor, by a close friend. His gentle approach and bedside manner were just the ticket I needed. 


After a series of 6 sessions my neck feels 100% better. I can’t recommend Dr. Dan’s approach to chiropractic care enough. He would spend plenty of time massaging the muscles around my neck and upper back and shoulders. He also used the amazing Rapid Release devise that breaks down scar tissue. The combination of massage, Rapid Release and gentle cervical and back adjustments was the key.


If you’re looking for a great chiropractor/healer, I highly recommend Dr. Dan’s services.”

Mary J, Corte Madera, CA

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